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Woman’s summer dress becomes butt of joke thanks to rude-looking flower design

A MAN has shared an embarrassing photo of his girlfriend’s summer dress – and its rather unfortunately placed floral print.

The unnamed boyfriend posted the snap on Reddit, along with the message: “I couldn’t stop giggling at her new ‘flower’ dress.”


A man shared a snap of his girlfriend’s rude-looking frock on Reddit

The picture, which has attracted nearly 1,000 comments, shows a woman bending away from the camera with a giant flower pattern over her bum, which could easily be mistaken for something else.

Online users were quick to make jokes about the reproductive organs of a flower, and others about bees and pollination.

One commented: “If you dress up as a bee, you could make a really funny sex tape.”

While another said: “Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder, after all…”

 This man missed a small detail on his Christmas jumper


This man missed a small detail on his Christmas jumper

The black bandeau dress has bright orange, pink and green stripes around the bust and hem, with the giant flower in the middle.

The comical post has received more than 41,000 votes.

One commentator wrote: “Josephine and the Amazing Technicolor [sic] a******.”

But this isn’t the first fashion fail to get people laughing.

This man’s seemingly innocent mirror selfie causes frenzy after a rude dress error – can you spot it?

These disastrous fashion fails of the 1970s are guaranteed to make you cringe.

And, these DIY fashion fails show that some people aren’t quite ready for summer just yet.

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