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Watch the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 final online

CELEBRITY Big Brother is nearly over for the second time in 2018!

But how do you watch the final? And how do you catch up with it on demand if you miss an episode? Here’s all you need to know.

Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother is back

When can you watch Celebrity Big Brother 2018?

CBB is on EVERY night from 9pm to 10pm on Channel 5.

On Saturdays, it airs slightly later at 10pm.

Times may vary when there is an eviction night with Emma Willis.

This often means there is a double instalment which can sometimes go on until after 11pm.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side is on at 11.05pm every weekday night.

 Rylan Clark and Emma Willis are back to host the show

Channel 5

Rylan Clark and Emma Willis are back to host the show

How do I catch up with Celebrity Big Brother?

If you miss any episode of Celebrity Big Brother, fear not, you can catch up online.

After each episode has aired on Channel 5, you can watch it on My5 – which is the broadcaster’s catch up service.

All the episodes will be available for a month after the show has finished.

You can catch up with Rylan Clark’s Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side in the same way.

What are the Celebrity Big Brother social channels?

Although you can watch CBB on social media, you can catch up with gossip and news via these channels:




Kirstie Alley fails miserably at making a pot of tea in the Celebrity Big Brother honorary brit challenge

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