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Three British soldiers on the same Army base are changing gender from men to women

THREE British soldiers on the same Army base are changing gender.

They have been given full support from top brass after deciding they wanted to transition from their lives as men to live as women.

Simon Jones – The Sun

Captain Hannah Winterbourne – the highest ranking transgender soldier in the British Army

The trio have been given separate sleeping and washing facilities at the barracks in Paderborn, Germany, The Mail on Sunday reported.

Katie Tom Rodrigues-Marshall and Catherine Jones — previously Tom Marshall and Paul Jones — serve in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

The third soldier is thought to serve in the Adjutant General’s Corps.

In 2015, Captain Hannah Winterbourne of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers became the highest ranking transgender soldier.

A spokeswoman for The Ministry of Defence said: “We are committed to diversity and welcome people from a wide range of backgrounds, including transgender personnel.”

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